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The patient is 45 years old, 1 year and 3 months after stapedoplasty, CHL appeared on her right ear. The audiogram showed an increase in the thresholds of air aerial conduction in the speech frequency range is increased to 45dB (with almost normal bone conduction); the bone-air gap is increased and reaches 30-40dB. CT scan of the temporal bone revealed signs of inconsistency of the stapedial prosthesis in the oval window – the prosthesis was shifted towards the lower pole of the oval window. Endoscopic revision surgery allowed eliminating scar tissue formed in the tympanic cavity and the oval window niche, and also to remove a non-functioning teflon prosthesis, and correctly perform stapedoplasty using a “K-Piston” prosthesis (diameter 0.5 mm/length 4.5 mm).









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